Tesla Model 3 – The Information Age’s Model T

Historians often mark the birth of the Industrial Age with the 1908 production of Ford’s Model T. This affordable and innovative vehicle brought motorized transportation to the public through the wonder of efficient mass production. The world was now on wheels and modern vehicles are an outgrowth of the original Model T design. Just like the car that replaced the horse – as the Information Age approaches – the Tesla Model 3 is upgrading personal transportation.


Tesla is on a mission not just to make a, “smarter” vehicle, but to mass-market personal transportation in a new light. The Tesla Model 3 is the new, “people’s vehicle” because it represents the first model of car marketed and manufactured to replace the owner and driver operated model personal transportation vehicle. At the current price tag of $35,000 – Tesla’s introduction of the Model 3 has three qualities, as implied by the name, that will disrupt the current automobile market.

First, the Model 3 is operated on the most advanced electric battery operated motor in the world. This battery technology is aided by Tesla’s manufacturing advancements in the form of a quick-change battery system that will keep Model 3’s running for decades – far longer than their messy gas fueled cousins are capable of. Current fuel range of the Model 3 is a minimum of 215 miles, which will be aided by a North American network of 480 Tesla Supercharger stations.

The next great leap in personal transportation technology comes with the Tesla Model 3’s driverless technology upgrade capability. The Model 3 is setting the mass-market automobile industry standard as having driverless technology integration. This big push to driverless cars has a massive impact for the way that people travel. Life, limb and financial cost of car accidents is astonishing. Yearly, $871 billion is spent in America because of traffic accidents. Furthermore, 2.35 million are injured or disabled by traffic accidents each year. Perhaps lessening the life-threatening and monetary costs associated with personal transportation will be the Model 3’s greatest impact on the market.


The capacity for the Model 3 as a ride sharing platform will have outstanding consequence for humanity. The continually more efficient distribution of resources is cause for increasing living standards for everyone. Crowd-sourced ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are attracted to the Model 3 as a fleet vehicle because of its energy efficiency, market appeal and driverless integration. Ride sharing with a driverless Model 3 will permanently disrupt the personal transportation market.

As noted in the federalist article, “17 ways driverless cars will change America” everything about cars and driving is primed for change. From car design, traffic laws, street layouts, driver licensing, insurance, job markets and the fabric of American culture itself – the Tesla Model 3 is a historical waypoint in the drive to the Information Age. Tesla is blazing the path to a new era of human interaction, lifestyle and living standard.


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