3 Easy maintenance tricks to Keep your car running Smooth

You know your in great relationship when you find yourself celebrating great Milestones. So congratulations you and your just reached 100,000 miles. You have worked hard to get here, you drove carefully through the years and took great care of the car that has been taking care of you. However, despite your best efforts the wear and tear has taken a great toll on your car.  Here are, three maintenance tips so simple and easy to follow that will help your car run smoothly towards the next milestone.


Rock, Rattle and Roll

Does your car ever rattle on start-up, or while idling? This may be a sign that the heat shield is loose or corroded. Heat shields are located between the exhaust system and the floor of your vehicle. These metal sheets absorb heat that is expended by the exhaust system – often reaching a temperature of over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

While ditching the heat shield may not be of vital importance to the functioning vehicle, it can fall off and possibly cause an accident on the road! This fix is as easy as tightening the bolts that are connected to the heat shield, until snug. Alternatively the heat shield can be removed by loosening the bolts and reattached more permanently by the mechanic for no cost and in minutes at your next oil change.


Is that a Mouse in Your Door?

If your car door sounds like its holding a squeaky toy hostage when you open it or if you find yourself having to pry it open then greasing car door hinges might help. This is the easiest maintenance step that is constantly over looked. And you can even DIY it by using Lithium Grease or Motor Oil. Just open the car door and spread a thin layer of lubricant on the hinge. Be sure to use lubricant sparingly, as excess will attract dust and clog the hinge. Rub the hinges with a rag to spread a coat of lubricant evenly over the surface of the car door. Apply to all car doors.

CAUTION: WD 40 is not a lubricant, this can harm the moving parts of your car like the door hinge – do not use WD 40 for this task.

Wheels Go Round

The plastic lining of the wheel well shields the engine and components underneath the car from mud and water that is tossed up by the wheel. This lining is subject to wear from flying debris and the wheel itself bumping into the lining. Check to see if pieces of the wheel well lining have chipped off, or are warped. This may allow water or dirt to leak into other parts of the vehicle. Otherwise, warped plastic of the wheel well could rub against your tires, causing unnecessary wear and a shorter lifetime.

Trimming a piece of the wheel well lining can be done with a utility knife, or sharp scissors, but be careful not to pierce your tire. After cleaning the wheel well lining with soap, place a strip of Flashing Tape over the hole. Make sure to press down hard on the Flashing tape, this will create make an airtight seal with the wheel well liner.

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