Simple Things That Will Save Your Car: Seat Covers

Whether it is a used, your very first car new car, or the car of your dreams the second you slide into driver’s seat and start the engine that car begins to be mean a the world to you. You are going to do everything you can to maintain that fresh off the lot appearance.

So we have created a series of quick and easy tips that will help you do just that.  Today, to kick start the top five tips we will be looking at your interior. Because true beauty is on the inside and if you have cloth seats maintaining that beauty can be a little tricky. So here are a few car seat hacks for every lifestyle.


Must Love Dogs!

He is your best friend you take him everywhere! You take him shopping, to the park, hikes and even to beach. And things can get a little messy. You shouldn’t have to choose between preserving your car and spending quality time with your fluffy K-9 companion.

Well you don’t have to! There are a variety of covers meant to protect your car seats from your energetic puppy. These covers are waterproof so hiking through waterfalls is a go. The seats are also tear resistant and keep that distinct puppy odor. A major advantage is that these covers are easy to clean and collect doggy hair.


When multi-tasking gets messy

Your life is busy, time is crunched! It’s mornings rushing gym, heading to work, to school. Your spare time is spent driving from place to place. You have coffee in your car, you have your breakfast and your lunch in your car, you do your make-up, brush your hair…and coffee, did I mention coffee?

Your car has got to be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle and it should look good while doing it. The universal car seat covers fit most any make and model of car. These are the most customizable and affordable of car seat covers and can even be found on Groupon. The best part is you can get fancy with the designs.

Consider getting washing machine safe waterproof seat covers that will be easy to clean and help to keep the interior of your car in prime condition.


For the Long Haul

Long commutes and traffic are bad enough without adding back pain to the mix. You have been sitting at a desk all day and let’s face it you are gonna be sitting in traffic for a while so why not get cozy.  High-density foam seat covers will do just the trick.

These seat covers are thick and comfortable like the road trip equivalent of an airplane travel pillow. These seats provide support for the lower back and buttocks, while supporting core muscles and upper back posture. These seat covers can be attached on top of another seat cover as well. While these seat covers do fit tightly on all car seats, their draw-back is that they often wear faster than the standard waterproof car seat cover.

Hope this helped, let us know what your favorite type of seat cover is and what things you do to keep the inside of your car look brand new.


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